The Gift of a Lifetime

Ways to Give

We've experienced the joy of placing deserving dogs in compassionate, forever homes for over a decade.  The rewards are tremendous and heartwarming beyond compare.

Sadly, we've also witnessed unfathomable abuse, neglect and cruelty.  Just when you think you've seen it all, a special needs dog comes along and with it comes heartache and tears. Some of these dogs have physical scars while others have emotional scars. 
We've been in the presence of some extraordinary Akitas, who  possessed a faith in humankind that never wavered, despite the horrific abuses they suffered.
It's Akitas like this who embody the very meaning of our name and what it evokes in us.
These photos depict some of the special Akitas throughout the years, that have had a profound impact on my life in rescue.  These incredible Akitas remain a part of me forever.
These dogs are an example of why donations are a necessary part of our rescue efforts.

Your donations help support all the dogs we bring into our program.  Those who have been abused, forgotten and abandoned need more than others.  Some need extensive rehabilitation or medical care.  Others may be happy and well adjusted, but a victim of circumstance beyond their control and simply need a place of respite until they find their permanent home.

If we've helped you in some way, either by assisting in helping you keep your Akita, helped you to re-home your Akita or assisted you with a health or behavior challenge, and you value our service, we'd welcome any donation you'd like to make.  Any amount you wish to contribute is appreciated.  There is no such thing as a donation too small. 

Please look for the "Yellow Donate Button" or the "Puppy Donate" icon located throughout our website.  Anywhere you see these buttons, you can click on them to make a donation.

Also, because we are a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Our EIN 47-4607288.
Thank you for your support!


We greatly appreciate your contributions and have made it easy by offering multiple ways you can support our efforts.

  • Make a one time donation:  You can make a one time donation via credit card or PayPal by clicking anywhere you see the "Donate" button or the "Puppy Donate" icon.  It's not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card.
  • Give a recurring monthly donation:  Receiving monthly donations enables us to anticipate contribution amounts, which helps us to forecast our financial ability to take in more dogs.  Knowing we have regular incoming donations can mean the difference in our ability to save another Akita in need of assistance.
  • Give a donation as a memorial or tribute to a loved one:  If you would like to make a donation in memoriam or to honor a loved one, please email us at: info@namasteakitarescue.  We will create a full color, completely custom card for you and mail it to the recipient whom the donation is being made. Please contact us for details.
  • Mail your donation by check:  If you prefer to write a check, please make the check out to Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance. 

         Our mailing address is:
         Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance
         P.O. Box 418
         Lafayette, CA 94549

A note about your privacy:  As a donor your privacy is respected and protected.  When you make a donation to Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance, we will never sell or share your information, phone number, address, name or email address.  We may use your email address to notify you of events, available dogs, fundraisers and general news related to our organization. 

To make a donation, please click on the donation button below of your choice. 

Thank you.


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